Loban is a powerful fragrance for purifying the atmosphere and preparing space for worship or meditation.

Loban is a fragrant resin and type of frankincense that is gathered from the trees of Boswellia, a division of the tree family Burseraceae.

The resin crystals are burnt in temples all over India for the holy, sanctified atmosphere the smoke creates preparing the perfect space for worship and meditation.

Loban assists in opening the heart, it is an antiseptic and works fabulous for clearing the atmosphere of a room. Especially helpful for clearing the environment after company has left and reestablishing own space again, as it wards off unpleasant energies that could linger.

Loban is wonderful for generating inspiration and creativity, easing depression, clearing the aura and is often used in prosperity rituals, attracting love into your life, easing depression, psychic protection and assists in improving memory.



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