Ayurveda & Life Force

Ayurveda & Life Force

The Life force known as OJAS in ancient science is the subtle vehicle of consciousness, which enters the heart, the circulatory channels and is fed and improved through food, purity, cheer and hope. It also supplies the body with fine material for building the senses. It is the part of the brain that operates in memory, intelligence and willpower.

At the first formation of the embryo inside the mother’s womb, a spark enters into the growing infants heart as soon as the organ has completely formed. Ojas comes from the tissues and fluids inside the womb immediately after conception to create the form and subtle body, the chakras. By the third month, the heart organ is fully developed and the OJAS rests its force in the Heart Chakra for remainder of life. By the fourth month the hands, feet, tongue, nose, ears and internal organs are fully developed to sustain life.

This precious life force, OJAS deteriorates with hunger, fear, doubt, sorrow and defeating lifestyle habits pushing one out of balance and into an extreme, unnatural state.

Through the science of Ayurveda and the teachings of the Vedas, the proper conduct and hygiene is imparted for bringing calmness, equanimity, and peaceful wisdom into one’s being physically, mentally and spiritually so that one can thrive and enjoy life.



Ayurveda and the Vedas is an ancient lifestyle science founded by the Hindu culture approximately 12,000 B.C.. From material to spiritual, Ayurveda teaches the development of universal consciousness from the subtle to gross ranges of mind, senses and physical body while working to connect with spirit.

Vedas teach the concept of the Universal Patterns as Ayurveda imparts the practice of Universal Patterns.

Ayurveda provides the science of purification as it imparts insights on how to guard and protect the circulatory channels to grow and realize consciousness. Through correcting irregularities and the cause of suffering, a healthy, normal state is restored and longevity is promised.

The teachings of the Vedas uphold social tenets which protect and strengthen higher principles and provide the wisdom for how one progresses on the path towards Truth and consciousness. It is the seed of life that recognizes the virtues, strength and pure consciousness in a centered, calm and healthy being.


Through Ayurveda, a treatment is designed to address a person’s body in a wholistic manner taking the five elements into consideration as a means to restore the immune system. The elements indicate the type of imbalances in a person’s constitution that are driving the psychology into self-defeating patterns and can be easily determined through an astrological chart or physical features.

For instance, when looking at an astrological chart, we can see if the chemistry is lacking the water element. If one is aware of this fact and begins to drink more water, then balance can be established in the chemistry, which further reflects in how they are reacting to life events emotionally. Drinking more water equates to emotional equilibrium. It is that easy when viewing through the lens of Vedic astrology, an ancient method for defining the imbalances and bringing one back into balance. Addressing the elements is the core function of the three types of doshas: Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. These three major divisions in types of humans control and regulate all metabolic activities in the physical body revealing the status, actions, and reactions of an individual.

Through this revelation a comprehensive picture is generated for what is causing imbalances in the character and the physical body and what to apply for balance in the being.

By applying a purification program and addressing the internal organs through understanding the type of dosha, an effective program for restoring balance is set in place and longevity, good health, improved immunity, and a calm nervous system is brought into alignment.

Diet with atmosphere impacts the DOSHA considerably causing imbalances if one is in the wrong place with the wrong people or doing the incorrect type of work or activities. Placing one’s self in a peaceful environment, gaining adequate rest, eating the correct combination of food, applying natural incense fragrances for ambience and sacred lifestyle practices are the primary keys to creating a happy, healthy life and the foundational elements of the comprehensive Ayurvedic lifestyle science. Mindful application of this science brings integration and balance into anatomy, physiology, psychology and spiritual state of being. It is the proper foundation for the right type of practice to heal internal and subtle organs.

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