Kashi Stone


Barleria prionitis, also known as “Porcupine Flower” or Sanskrit name: Vajradanti (वज्रदन्ती) vajra meaning “diamond” and danti meaning “toothed” or “tusked” is an important Ayurvedic herb for dental care and used in Auromere oral care products for delivering powerful, anti-bacterial properties and fabulous healing for gums, teeth and other sensitive areas of the mouth.   Origin and Properties Vajardanti is a small spiny shrub native to India, commonly grown in gardens for its attractive yellow flowers and… Read More »Vajradanti


Kapha regulates heat and internal fluids as it brings vitality into the body. Kapha consists of the elements Earth and Water Emotions of Kapha Type:Love, compassion, greed, envy and calmness, indifference and withdraw Kapha disturbances:laziness, lethargyexcessive sleepmucoussweet foodsobesitydigestive issues Kapha attributes:memoryimmunityvigorstability Kapha Physical Stature:Broad shoulders and wide hipsStraight, thick brown or blonde hairLarge body, heavy or overweightLarge white teethLarge blue or brown eyesGentle, low-pitched voice Kapha Energy:SlowMethodical


Pitta rules over enzymes, hormones, digestion, metabolism, assimilation and body temperature. Pitta consists of the elements Fire and Water Emotions of Pitta Type:anger, hate, jealousy, passion, joy and enthusiasm Pitta disturbances:over-heatingextreme coldsour foodsalcoholover-exposure to the sunirregular eating habits Pitta attributes:artisticintelligentstrong vitalityLots of energy Pitta Physical Stature:Medium build, not too thin nor too tallMedium weightWavy, fine blonde or brown hairYellowish, mid-size teethGreen, grey or hazel eyesStrong voice filled with laughter Pitta Energy:ConsistentVitalLong-lastingStrong


Vata governs movement and all activity related to the central and sympathetic nervous system.  Vata consists of the elements Air and Ether Emotions of Vata Type:fear, nervousness, anxiety, suspicion, doubt Vata disturbances:lack of sleepover-eatinglong journeys or excessive travelworryeating dry foodsexual indulgencefastingrainy weather Vata attributes:Strong mental capabilityGood at investigation and research Vata Physical Stature:SlenderCurly, brittle, dry brown or black hairSlightly crooked, large teethSmall and black eyesVoice is usually a high, weeping tone Vata Energy:RestlessFastSpontaneousQuick

Discover Your Dosha Type

Use the chart below to determine your DOSHA TYPE by placing a check-mark next to the characteristic that best fits your constitution and experience. Once you have completed the graph, tally check-marks and discover which dosha holds the most prominence in your constitution. Read through the selection of articles on each type below pertaining to your dosha to learn more. Keep in mind that most people are a combination of doshas with one dominant dosha.… Read More »Discover Your Dosha Type

Introduction to the Science of Ayurveda

Introduction to the Science of Ayurveda Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle science founded by the Hindu culture approximately 12,000 B.C. and provides the principles for living pure in higher and lower realms of existence. From material to spiritual, Ayurveda teaches the development of universal consciousness from the subtle to gross ranges of mind, senses and physical body while working to connect with spirit. According to Ayurveda, the span of life is gauged from irregularities to regularities… Read More »Introduction to the Science of Ayurveda

Ayurveda & Life Force

Ayurveda & Life Force The Life force known as OJAS in ancient science is the subtle vehicle of consciousness, which enters the heart, the circulatory channels and is fed and improved through food, purity, cheer and hope. It also supplies the body with fine material for building the senses. It is the part of the brain that operates in memory, intelligence and willpower. At the first formation of the embryo inside the mother’s womb, a… Read More »Ayurveda & Life Force

The Elements

When seeking to understand the body one must first become acquainted with the five elements. All physical matter in the universe is made up of the five elements: water, air, earth, fire and ether. Earth represents a solid state; water the liquid state; air the gaseous state; fire the power to transform; and ether is the space that holds matter. Ether is unique in the fact that it is the source of all other elements… Read More »The Elements