Discover Your Dosha Type

Use the chart below to determine your DOSHA TYPE by placing a check-mark next to the characteristic that best fits your constitution and experience.

Once you have completed the graph, tally check-marks and discover which dosha holds the most prominence in your constitution.

Read through the selection of articles on each type below pertaining to your dosha to learn more.

Keep in mind that most people are a combination of doshas with one dominant dosha. Using the Dosha Incense sets offered in the SHOP, assists greatly in managing all aspects of dosha influences throughout the day no matter what combination you may be.

Certainly, if you have  one strong dosha type, it is helpful to focus on keeping it in balance at all times. This can be seen in a strong Pitta personality, for instance, as Pitta is a powerful fire energy that requires calming and cooling energies. Vata tends to need grounding and Kapha tends to need stimulation.

Browsing the incense section of our shop reveals how the subtle fragrances enhance your ability to maintain balance throughout the day with mindful applications. The Bodycare products further assist in managing the tendencies of the chemistries, such as oily or dry skin or hair that is a result of type.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Science reveals in great detail the proper diet, exercises, meditations and herbal supplements for all types.

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